Stage TEN

Monitor your Stream Health while LIVE

What does stream health mean and how can it help improve your stream? Check the quality of your stream in real-time with the Stage TEN Pro Studio's Stream Health Monitor

Viewing Stream Health Information

The Stream Health Monitor shows you the FPS (frames per second) for your stream in real time. FPS is the best indicator of your stream quality.
You can find the Stream Health Monitor below the LIVE MONITOR.
The information provided includes:
  • Frame Rate (FPS) - This is output frame rate from your Stage TEN Pro Studio
  • Resolution - The resolution that is being output from your Stage TEN Pro Studio
  • Live for - This is the amount of time you have been live to your destinations

How to use the Stream Health Monitor to improve your Stream Quality

Before going live, you can see the stream health status. Based on color, we recommend the following:
  • GREEN you're ready to stream and your quality should be great
  • YELLOW you can go ahead and stream, but your stream quality may be compromised
  • RED you should not stream until you've reviewed the next section, or contacted Stage TEN Support at

Improving Frame Rate

1. Open Stage TEN is a separate browser window and ensure it is always at least partially visible on the screen. If another browser tab or application fully covers Stage TEN, the frame rate may drop significantly.
2. Close all other non-essential applications.
Also read through the suggestions in the article: Improve the Quality of your Stage TEN Pro Studio Stream.

Improving Resolution

  • The Stage TEN Pro Studio can broadcast in 720p or 1080p. If you are attempting to stream in 1080p and The Stream Health Monitor is showing YELLOW or RED, consider lowering your resolution
  • You may need to upgrade your computer or internet to improve your stream quality. Assess your computer and internet here: Ensure your Computer and Internet meet Minimum Requirements