Sell Products in Streams

Display products in your Interactive Player and allow the user to purchase without leaving the stream.

To sell products in your livestream (and its Interactive Replay), use the Studio to create and activate a Sale. This will add a SHOP button and Products Panel to your Interactive player, so viewers can browse and purchase the products.

Create a Sale

  1. In the Pro Studio, open the Shopify settings to see the Sales you have configured. Then click Create New Sale.

  1. Select the products to sell, and click Next.

    • Optional: Give your sale a title with the upper left text field. This title is for your reference and will not be shown to viewers

    • If you can't find a product from your store, you may need to make it Available to Stage TEN.

  1. Attach a discount to apply automatically at checkout, and click Save.

    • Your selected discount will apply to all products selected in your sale

    • You can enter any discount code that you've created in Shopify. Consider creating exclusive discounts for your livestreams so viewers have an incentive to make a purchase on a limited time deal.

    • Discounts are combinable with other discount codes or Automatic Discounts according to the rules you have applied in Shopify.

Start a Sale

Starting a sale adds a shopping panel to the Interactive Player. This means your viewers can see the products from your sale wherever you've integrated or embedded that player (such as your Shopify store, the Shop app, or your website).

  1. Select the Sale you want to use.

  1. Start ("Activate") the Sale by toggling the switch. This makes it visible on your Interactive Player.

Tip: A sale can be in 3 states:

  • Inactive: hidden on the player. Toggle is off.

  • Ready: will appear on the player, but you aren't live yet. This will become Active automatically when you start the Stage TEN Destination.

  • Active: currently visible on the player. You are live, and viewers can purchase.

Feature a Product

Feature a Product while it is being discussed in your stream. This calls your viewers' attention to it and makes it easy for them to add it to their cart or purchase it.

  1. To feature a product, click the star button at the top right of the product

  1. The featured product will move to the top of the Shopping Panel in the Interactive Player, and appear as a clickable overlay for viewers. A viewer can click the product to open product details (PDP) in the player.

  1. To feature a different product, click the star icon at the top right of the new product.

  1. To stop featuring all products, click the star icon currently highlighted blue.

Hide & Reveal a Product

The "Product drop" is a show format where a product becomes available midway through your stream. You can achieve this using a Hidden Product that you un-hide when you're ready to reveal it to your viewers.

1. To hide a product, click the shopping bag icon at the top right of the product. The product will be removed from your shopping shelf. You can do this while your sale is active, or before.

  1. When you're ready to reveal the product, you can unhide the product by clicking the shopping bag icon again. This will cause the product to reappear in your shopping shelf.

Automatic Shout-outs and In-Stream Commerce Overlays

Stage TEN displays public shout-outs or personal thank-yous to viewers when they make a purchase. You can also display product info directly in your stream using the Product Overlay.

Manage Shout-outs

  1. To see the commerce overlay settings, select a Sale and then click Configure Overlays.

  1. Here you can see the Commerce overlay settings, including the shoutouts:

    • Public Shout-Outs: Choose whether or not a graphic will appear on stream publicly for everyone to see, shouting out the buyer. Visible on both the Interactive Player and multistreaming destinations.

    • Personal Thank-You: Choose whether or not to show the buyer a thank you graphic that only they can see. Visible only to the buyer on the Interactive Player.

  1. Here you can also control which attributes of a product will be visible when the product is dragged into the Full Screen Overlay. Toggles control:

    • Image: Choose whether or not the product image will be visible.

    • Title: Choose whether or not the product title will be visible.

    • Discount: Choose whether or not the sale discount will be visible.

  2. Click Done.

Display Product Details

  1. To add a Product Overlay to your stream, drag a Product tile to the Full Screen Overlay box to cue it up in your scene.

  1. Don't forget to activate your scene! Click the Pink -> Button to take your scene live.

  1. You will now see your product's details in the Live Monitor. This means your viewers see them, too.

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