Streaming Tools & Collaborating

Studio, Companion, and Connect Apps work even better together.

Stage TEN can be used in different ways depending on your team size, streaming setup, or preferences. The most basic approach is to livestream from the Pro Studio alone on a computer.

There are additional tools that allow you to collaborate with teammates or guests, or to take advantage of multiple devices or screens to give yourself better visibility or control over the livestream.

Use as many of these tools as you want in separate windows, on different devices or in separate locations, however you wish. Simply log in with the same account on all these devices and your session will be shared and kept in sync automatically.

Let's look at the tools available, and some examples of how they can be used together.


Your streaming setup includes a combination of these Stage TEN tools:

Pro Studio

  • Always used to create and control your livestream.

  • Only one Studio session can be open at a time.


  • Used for chat moderation, and of your Shopify Sale.

  • Works alongside the Pro Studio on the same or a different device.


  • Used to accept invite links or send feeds to a Pro Studio session.

  • Opens when you click an invite link shared from the Pro Studio.

  • Opens in the browser for Web/Android. Requires a native App for iOS.

Interactive Player

  • Monitor the livestream by simply watching as a viewer.

  • Primarily for viewers to watch & interact with your livestream.

Stage TEN Tools in Combination (Example Use Cases)

The following are some common ways you might want to use Stage TEN. These are just examples. You are free to use the tools in whatever combination works for you.

You can have unlimited instances of the Companion, Connect App, and Interactive Player open.

In practice, however, each of these windows consumes some of your available internet bandwidth, so be intentional about it.

Excessive load on your network will compromise stream quality.

1. Run a Live Sale with a host and DSLR Camera

Pro Studio + Interactive Player or Companion

  • Connect the camera to your computer, and select it as a video source in the Pro Studio.

  • Open an Interactive Player or Companion on a second device for the Host, as described below.

  • Use Pro Studio (or Companion) to feature products on the fly as the host discusses them.

2. Monitor chat (and see yourself) while you're on camera

Connect + Interactive Player

  • Your best camera may be the main (rear-facing) camera on your phone. Use the Connect app (open an invite link) on this device.

  • If this means you can't see that screen, open the Interactive Player on a second device in front of you. Mute the volume so you don't create feedback/echo. You can use this to monitor chat and ensure that you're positioned well in the frame.

    • If you just want to see chat, open the Companion on the second device instead. This consumes less bandwidth than watching the Interactive Player.

3. See more at once with multiple monitors

Pro Studio + Companion (on the same device)

  • You may find a single monitor doesn't provide enough screen space for everything you want to see while you are directing a stream.

  • Open the Companion on a second monitor.

4. Share work with a moderator

Pro Studio + Companion (on multiple devices)

  • Delegate tasks to a partner, such as moderating chat or marking featured products while the host describes them.

  • Have a partner open the Companion on their device so they can perform their tasks.

  • This leaves you to focus on mixing, and building and switching scenes in the Pro Studio.

5. Do mixing in OBS + shopping/polling in Stage TEN

Pro Studio + OBS + Connect

  • If you're comfortable or knowledgable working in OBS or other tools, you can use those to compose your livestream, then open the Connect app on that computer to send the feed to a Pro Studio session.

  • Since both OBS and Stage TEN are resource-intensive applications, it is recommended to use separate computers for each. If you prefer to use a single computer, you don't need the Connect app in this setup.

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