Boost Your Show’s Conversion Rate

Make the most of your show and encourage sales with these tips on what to do when you’re live.

Start the livestream on time. If you’re going to go live early, make sure you use a visual graphic communicating that the show will start soon. And don’t go live too early, viewers might click away if they see that they have to wait minutes for the livestream to start.

Check out this article for sample assets


Engage with Your Audience. Actively engage with your audience throughout the show by incorporating interactive elements such as polls, Q&A sessions, and responding to comments and questions in real-time. This fosters a sense of community and involvement.

Create a Sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Generate excitement and urgency by highlighting limited-quantity items, exclusive product launches, or time-sensitive deals available only during the live event. Encourage viewers not to miss out on these opportunities.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation. Take the time to thank your audience for attending your stream, participating in discussions, and supporting your brand. Show genuine appreciation for their engagement and loyalty.

Encourage Follows on Shop App. Prompt viewers to follow your brand on the Shop App or subscribe to notifications for future shows and product updates. This helps build a dedicated audience who will be notified directly about your upcoming events.

Promote Future Shows. Mention any upcoming shows and encourage viewers to mark their calendars or set reminders for future shows. Tease exciting content or product launches to keep them engaged and interested.


Encourage Shopping During the Show. Remind viewers that they can shop directly during the live event by adding items to their cart and checking out without leaving the show. Make the shopping experience seamless and convenient.

Offer Exclusive Deals and Promotions. Provide exclusive discounts, bundle deals, or limited-time offers specifically for attendees of the live event. This incentivizes immediate purchases and creates a sense of urgency.

Highlight Products and Features. Showcase your products in action and highlight their features and benefits. Provide detailed demonstrations and answer any questions viewers may have about the products.

Don’t forget to activate your sales when you go live.

Once your live content has ended, leave the live stream going for a small amount of time in case some viewers have items in their cart, but have not checked out yet. You can use a visual graphic saying the livestream has ended. Or create a sense of urgency using a graphic that tells viewers to check out now before the exclusive deals end.

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