Checking Permissions for Stage TEN on Facebook

For permission issues, it's always good to check if the default permissions when connecting to Facebook have changed. Check your permissions for Stage TEN in FB

Stage TEN needs all of the permissions it originally requested to properly manage live streaming to Facebook.

Check your permissions for Stage TEN in Facebook

1. Go to Facebook -> Settings

2. Select "Business Integrations" on the left, and then click "View and edit" for Stage TEN.

3. Check that all settings are the same as shown in the two screenshots below. Please pay particular attention to the "business features" section.

What if my Facebook Group doesn't appear?

It's important to note that you must have Admin-level access for your Facebook Group to use Stage TEN to broadcast there. If you've connected FB, you are an admin, and the group doesn't appear in your list of Facebook destinations, you can either:

1. Disconnect and then Reconnect Facebook, making sure to accept all permissions as presented

2. Contact support at for help

What if Stage TEN "doesn't have permission to broadcast to this destination"?

Sometimes after connecting your Facebook account to Stage TEN, your Facebook Groups returns an error that looks like this:

Follow these steps to resolve this error. If the error persists, contact support.

1. On Facebook, navigate to the group you want to broadcast to

2. On the left hand panel, under settings, go to Group Settings

3. On the center of the page, scroll down to Manage Advanced Settings

4. To the right of 'Apps' click the pencil icon

5. Click Add Apps

6. Type "Stage TEN" into the search bar under 'Group Apps' on the left

7. The Stage TEN app will appear - click on the App

8. Click Add

9. Once complete, we recommend refreshing your chrome browser and logging back into Stage TEN. Note: this will disconnect any live feeds and clear the media library

10. Your Facebook Group should now be selectable under Settings > Manage Destinations > Facebook. Add a green checkmark next to your Group to have it appear in your list of destinations in the Stage TEN Pro Studio

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