Building Scenes: Layouts and Overlays

Every livestream on Stage TEN is made up of a series of scenes that need to be built. The Scene Builder helps you create various creative layouts for your show.

The Scene Builder can be found in the center of the Pro Studio. Here you prepare your next scene before taking it live for your audience to see.

Creating a Scene

  1. Choose a layout from your list at the top of the scene builder. Your layout determines how many feeds or assets you can place in your scene.

    • Additional layouts are available - the settings (gear) icon will show you all the options. Select the layouts you want available during the livestream.

  1. Drag a feed or media asset into each slot (the outlined space) in the layout to fill it.

  1. A scene is complete when all sections are filled and the Switch Scenes -> Button turns PINK.

  1. When you're ready, click the Switch Scenes Button to take this scene live.

New layouts are being added all the time. Click on the gear/cog in the scene builder to explore all the options.

Overlays, Lower Thirds & Watermarks

Stage TEN allows you to add Lower Third, Full Screen, and Watermark Overlays to your broadcast using the overlay slots at the bottom of the Scene Builder.

  • You can simultaneously use one Lower Third Overlay, two Full Screen Overlays, and one Watermark Overlay.

    • The Lower Third and Watermark will appear overtop of the Full Screen Overlays.

  • A set of free overlays is available to try in the Pro Studio. Click Download Sample Assets in the Media Library. For info on creating custom overlays, see Creating Your Own Custom Overlays and Graphics.

Add an Overlay

  1. To add an overlay, drag an asset from the media library and drop it into one of the Lower Third, Full Screen, or Watermark areas.

  1. Click the Switch Scenes button to take the updated scene live. Your overlay will now remain on any scene that's taken live, and will remain in place until removed.

Remove an Overlay

  1. To remove an overlay, click the associated x in the Lower Third, Full Screen, or Watermark areas. These appear when you hover over the overlay slot.

  2. Then click the Switch Scenes button to take the updated scene live.

Using both Full Screen Overlays

It is possible to have two full screen overlays active at once. You might this to show the results of a vote and a product overlay at once. Or perhaps you have two animations you want to layer together.

To do this, drag your assets, Interactive Votes, or Products into one of the full screen overlay slots.

Reordering Full Screen Overlay Layers

If you want to change which full screen overlay appears on top of the other, press the swap full screen overlays button.

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