5. Go Live

It's showtime.

Now it's time to direct your show using the studio. The details here vary depending on which device you're streaming from. Just want to go live and explore on your own? See our Quick Start Guide.

Enter the Studio

Once you open the studio, you can invite your participants to join your studio session.

Tip: Invite Links change if you close or refresh the Studio. Your participants will need a new link for each show.

Load Assets

If you have product images, videos, custom overlays, graphics, background music, or any other media assets, click the + button in the Media panel to add them to your Media Library.

Build a Scene

Select a Layout from the options at the top of the Scene Builder. A few layouts have been chosen here for you but you can click the settings icon to change which ones you can use during your stream.

Drag a Feed or Media Asset into each of the available slots in the layout.

Activate your Scene

Even when you're live, your viewers can't see this layout while you build it, so you can fiddle around to get it the way you want.

Once you're happy with your layout, click the pink arrow button to take this scene live.

Select and Start Your Sale

If you have Shopify connected, remember to activate your Sale so viewers on the Interactive Player can see your products.

Go Live (Start Your Destinations)

When you're ready to start, Toggle On each Destination you want to go live to. Within a couple of seconds your stream will be reach each destination and you viewers will be able to see you.

Now is the fun part! Have a blast on your stream and don't take yourself too seriously. Livestreams are always a little chaotic and unexpected things will happen. That's part of the appeal - embrace it.

Tip: Start your livestream with a video or graphic for at least a minute or so. This gives time for your audience to realize your livestream has started and tune in. If you are multistreaming to social destinations or the Shop App, they may trigger push notifications that a user needs to click and open.

Get Creative

  • Mix and switch multiple live and pre-recorded sources to create your own stream format

  • Add images, videos, custom graphics, and interactive shopping and voting experiences to your stream

  • Display shoutout messages automatically on screen when a purchase is made

Take a poll with Interactive Voting

The Pro Studio allows you to poll your audience and display the results in-stream in real time. Read more about Interactive Voting.

The Pro Studio is powerful and offers a ton of capabilities. Check out the full list of Pro Studio support articles for more information.

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