Ways to improve your internet speed

If you're not getting the stream quality you want, follow these tips to improve your internet speed

Internet Checklist (for Stage TEN Directors)

  • The faster your internet is, the better your stream quality will be

  • Always use a wired ethernet connection for faster speeds and more stability than wifi

  • Disable any ad-blockers, firewalls, or VPNs as they may throttle bandwidth

  • Run this speed test multiple times and compare your average upload speed and jitter

    • You need a minimum upload speed of 15 Mbps

    • You need a jitter of no more than 30 ms

How to get faster speeds:

  • Connect to the internet using an ethernet cord

  • Move your computer closer to your router/modem

  • Dedicate your internet connection to your event. It's best not to share the connection when you are LIVE

  • Consider changing locations to a stronger internet environment

  • Consider contacting your internet service provider to ask for latest modem/router or plan - often these can be upgraded at no cost (if you haven’t checked in with your ISP in a while)

  • Consider using a mobile internet solution (such as mobile wifi sticks, mobile hotspots, or bonded internet) (see below)

Example mobile internet solution: Mobile HotSpot + Wifi/Ethernet Bonded

What you need for hardware:

  • Mobile Hot Spot (MiFi), preferably with ethernet cable

  • SIM card with data plan for MiFi

  • Ethernet cable

  • Power Source for MiFi

  • Computer that meets minimum specifications

  • Power source for computer

  • Adapter for ethernet (if computer doesn’t have the input)

  • Black Magic Web Presenter for inputting camera

What you need for software:

  • Speedify.com - to bond MiFi with WiFi or Ethernet from hotel(s)

  • Latest version of Google Chrome

How to Set up

  • Set up Speedify to bond the internet connection (wifi or ethernet) from the hotel and the MIFI hot spot spot

  • IF you want to be extra safe, you can get an internet stick from a different data provider to bond MiFi + internet stick with a different network (i.e. bond verizon and at&t so it will take the strongest networks)

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