Multistreaming & Social Destinations

Multistream to social channels to reach a wider audience. Connect and stream to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch and more

Stage TEN lets you broadcast to multiple social platforms, and to multiple accounts/channels on those platforms.

Social destinations, once configured, appear alongside the Stage TEN Interactive Player destination in the destination list, and can each be controlled by their own toggle.

Tip: The interactive SHOP and VOTE features can only be used by viewers on the Stage TEN Interactive Player. Tell viewers this to draw them to the website you've embedded your player.

Connecting Social Destinations

Social channels can be connected in one of two ways.

Automatically (Sign-up with Social)

If you used a social login to sign up for a Stage TEN account, we automatically connect the destinations available to that account.

Connect a Destination

You can add more social channels to your account using these steps:

  1. In the Pro Studio, Go to Settings > Destinations. Choose from the available social channels or connect a RTMP feed.

  1. Connect a social platform:

  • YouTube: Connect as many YouTube channels as you want (must be admin).

  • Facebook: Connect your personal Facebook profile, then select all the feeds, pages and groups you want (must be admin). Each will be available as a separate destination.

  • Twitch: You can only connect one Twitch channel.

  • LinkedIn: You can only connect one LinkedIn account.

  • X (Twitter): Connect to X as an RTMP destination. You can find your connection info in the X Media Studio.

  • RTMP: You can use RTMP to connect to additional social network accounts or custom encoder.

  • TikTok: Connect to TikTok as an RTMP destination. This may require additional configuration from TikTok.

  • Instagram: Connect to Instagram as an RTMP destination.

  1. Click Add and follow the directions.

Going Live to your connected social channels

Once you’ve connected your social channels, you'll see them in the Pro Studio under Live Destinations.

To start streaming to your connected social destinations, simply turn on each toggle switch.

Multistream Destination Settings

Stream Copy

You have the option to enable Stream Copy on any of your multistreaming destinations. By default, this setting is off.

What is Stream Copy?

Typically, Stage TEN’s servers will process your video stream prior to sending it to your multistreaming destinations to ensure compatibility and stability. However, this is no longer necessary for most services, and can impact latency and picture quality.

If you prefer to optimize for speed, you can skip this processing step by enabling the Stream Copy option for your multistreaming destinations.

Enabling Stream Copy

To find this setting in the Pro Studio, go to Settings > Destinations, select a Destination, and click the pencil button to edit it.

Deleting an existing connection

To delete or update an existing social destination connection follow the steps below:

  1. In the Pro Studio, click Settings, then Destinations. Then click the logo of the social destination you want to delete.

  2. To disconnect a destination completely, click the trash icon.

Tip: To hide a Facebook page from the list in the studio, uncheck the green checkmark.

Updating an existing connection

  1. Delete the current connection.

  2. Add the new destination.

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