Add Stage TEN to your Shop Store

Add Stage TEN to your Shop Store in the Shop App, and go live to your audience of existing customers.

In this article, we will add the Stage TEN card to your Shop Store. Viewers can use this to find your livestream, or get a push notification when you go live.


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To stream to the Shop app, you need to complete two high-level steps:

  1. Display the Stage TEN card on your Shop store

  2. Go live to your Stage TEN channel destination. This will trigger a push notification, and your stream will be visible in the Shop app.

Resource: Shop Card templates and examples are available for download here.

Display the Stage TEN Card on your Shop store

  1. Open the Shopify panel in the Pro Studio.

  1. Click Configure Shop.

  1. Upload images to display on the card before and during your livestreams. These should be at least 654x436px, and will be cropped to a 3:2 aspect ratio.

    • Pre-Live Card: appears between livestreams. Allows users to subscribe to receive push notifications when you go live.

    • Live Card: appears during your livestream. Clicking will open the livestream player.

  1. Enter a title for your Livestream (50 characters max)

  1. Recommended: Enter the date and time of your planned livestream.

    • This helps viewers advertise your livestream to your customers

  1. Toggle on Show card on Shop Store. This will make your "Pre-Live Card" visible and needs to be enabled to stream to the Shop App

Tip: You may need to refresh your Shop store in the Shop app to see the updated card.

  1. Click Done.

Customers can now opt in for livestream push notifications by tapping "Remind me" beneath the pre-live card on your Shop App page.

Customers who have "Favorited" your store will also receive these notifications.

Tip: Some products are ineligible to be sold on the Shop App such as tickets, mature content/services, cannabis/drug-related products, animals/animal products, weapons, etc.

For more info on product eligibility click this link.

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