Companion App

The Stage TEN Companion App (formerly "Producer") will allow you to monitor and moderate the live chat from a separate device. There is no limit to how many users can actively use the Companion.

The Companion lets you use additional windows or devices to control aspects of a livestream while directing from the Pro Studio.

To find the Companion from the Stage TEN Dashboard, click Companion in the navigation. The companion includes:

Chat Tools & Moderating

Navigate to the Chat tab, and enable the Moderation tools toggle.

  • Chat messages from your Live Interactive Player will appear here.

  • Messages you send from here will include a verification checkmark in chat.

Edit your display name

By default, your display name will be Channel Owner.

To use a different display name, click the pencil button next to it. Edit the name, then click Save.

Disable/Enable chat

To disable chat entirely for your Interactive Player, click the Settings button, then Disable Chat.

Delete a chat message

Chat messages and display names are automatically blocked if they contain inappropriate language.

You can delete additional messages by clicking the corresponding Delete (trash can) button. The message will be immediately removed from the live chat, and will not appear in the Interactive Replay.

Tip: if you don't see the controls below, you probably need to enable Moderation tools.

Ban a user

If you need to ban a viewer from chat, click the message options button, then Ban User.

Tip: Banning a viewer will not delete their past messages. You can delete those individually as described above.

View banned users & un-ban them

Users that have been banned can be viewed and un-banned. Click the settings button, then Show Banned Users.

If you would like to unban any of these viewers, click their corresponding Unban button. A ban button will then appear in case this was a mistake.

Controlling a Sale in the Companion App

Navigate to the Shopify tab. You'll see a list of the Sales that have been created from the Pro Studio. If one is already started, you'll see it highlighted and marked as Live.

Click View Sale to see its details.

Note: If you have not created any sales yet, you won't see any sales here. Check out our article on how to create sales in Stage TEN.

Enabling Live Shopping

Click Start Sale to enable shopping on the Interactive Player. Note that this can also be done in the Pro Studio. You can subsequently disable shopping if desired by clicking the Stop sale button.

If you can't click Start sale, ensure there is a Studio session active.

You or someone else needs to open the Stage TEN Pro Studio. Once the Studio is open, you will be able to start and stop a sale from the Stage TEN Companion.

Featuring a Product

Press Feature under a specific product to highlight it in the Interactive Player. You can then click Unfeature to bring the product back to normal.

Hiding & Revealing a Product

Click Hide to hide a product so viewers cannot see in on the Interactive Player. Then click Show to reveal it to the audience again.

For more information on controlling your Sale, see Sell Products in Streams.

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