Stage TEN

Collaborating on a Studio Session

The Stage TEN Producer will allow you to monitor and moderate the live chat from a separate device. There is no limit to how many users can actively use the Producer.

How to access the Stage TEN Producer

There are a few different ways to enter The Stage TEN Producer
2 From The Stage TEN Dashboard, click 'Producer' on the bar at the left side of the screen:
When to use the Stage TEN Producer
  • You are live streaming alone from a laptop and would like to moderate the chat from your phone
  • When you are livestreaming with a team and one or more of them would like to moderate the live chat
  • You are live streaming alone from a laptop and would like to manage your sales from your phone
  • When you are livestreaming with a team and one or more of them would like to manage your sales
Monitor chat
Change your name in chat
When you enter the chat from the Producer your default name will be 'Channel Owner'. If you would like your name to appear differently, click the pencil icon button above the chat box:
This will make the box editable and allow you to edit the name:
Once you are happy with the new name click the blue Save button
Disable/Enable chat
To disable or enable chat from the Producer first, click the Moderation toggle:
From here you can click the button on the right side to disable or enable chat:
Delete a chat message
If you see a chat message you don't like you can remove it delete from the Producer:
First, click the Moderation toggle:
Next, click the trashcan icon next to the chat message you'd like to delete:
This will remove the message from the chat for all viewers. This chat will now also not appear in the VOD recording:
Ban a user
If there's a chatter who's causing issues, you can ban them from the Producer:
First click the 'Use Moderation' toggle:
Next, click the ellipsis next to the name of the user you want to ban and click ban user
This message will appear when the user has been banned:
Note: This will not delete the user's past messages, it will just stop them from leaving new comments.
View banned users & un-ban them
Users that have been banned can be viewed and un-banned from the Producer. First, click the cogwheel icon beside the Moderation toggle
Next, click the 'Show Banned Users' button:
This will show all the users that have been banned from chatting in this livestream. If you would like to unban any of them, click the 'unban' button to the far right of their name:
When the user is unbanned the option to ban them will appear:
Manage Sales
In the Stage TEN Producer, Select Shopify
Choose which sale you want to work with, and click "View Sale"
  • Note: If you have not created any sales yet, you won't see any sales here. Check out this article to learn how to create sales in Stage TEN:
Note: The "Start sale" button may not be clickable. If this is the case, simply have someone open the Stage TEN Pro Studio. Once the Studio is open, you will be able to start and stop a sale from the Stage TEN Producer.
Press "Feature" under a specific product to feature a product.
  • You can press "Unfeature" to bring the product back to normal
Press "Hide" to hide a product, and make it so viewers cannot see that product in your sale
  • You can press "Show" to reveal it to the audience again
Press "Stop sale" to end the sale sale