Streaming to Facebook

Follow these steps to connect the Stage TEN Pro Studio to your Facebook Feed, Groups & Pages, and update or remove existing connections.

Connecting your Facebook account in Stage TEN

You'll need to connect your Facebook profile to Stage TEN, in order to broadcast to your Facebook Feed, Group, or Page. At this time, you cannot broadcast live to Facebook Events. Your Facebook profile can only be connected to one Stage TEN account at a time.

1. Go to Settings (gear icon, top right) -> MANAGE DESTINATIONS.

2. Click on the Facebook logo.

3. Click ‘CONNECT’ and accept all permissions as presented.

4. You'll now see the name of your Facebook profile under "Current Facebook connections".

5. You can select and deselect your Feed, any Pages, or Groups you want to broadcast in this view. When you return to the Studio, those selections will be in place.

If you've selected a Group but it isn't showing up in the studio, check out this article: Checking permissions on Stage TEN on Facebook.

Going LIVE immediately (without scheduling)

1. For every Facebook Destination you selected in the previous step, you'll see a corresponding destination on this list.

2. When you are ready to go LIVE, turn on one or more of your chosen Facebook Destinations using the toggle switch. Use the same toggle switch to end your stream.

3. The square icon next to each destination provides a link to your stream. Clicking here provides an easy way to share your stream with you audience.

Going LIVE to Facebook Scheduled Events

Pre-Scheduling your events allows you to promote your broadcast ahead of time and get a larger audience.

1. Go to settings (gear icon, top right) -> Manage Destinations -> Facebook Icon and click the SCHEDULE A LIVE VIDEO button.

2. Enter stream details. You cannot schedule a stream to start within ten minutes of the time of scheduling. Or outside of 24 hours after time of scheduling.

3. You can now go on Facebook and view your scheduled live video.

4. To send your stream to Facebook, toggle on the 'LIVE DESTINATION' that was created for your event.

  • After sending your Stage TEN feed to your Facebook account, your stream will automatically go live at your scheduled time

  • If you connect Stage TEN to your Facebook account after your scheduled time, you will be given the option to Manually Start Live Video

  • You must go live no later than ten minutes after your scheduled stream, or your live video will be cancelled

  • You can preview your stream any time before the scheduled start time. You can go live early if you disable the Go live automatically at scheduled start time setting, and press Go live now

5. To stop sending your feed to Facebook, toggle the off the switch from the Stage TEN Studio, or click STOP ALL.

Disconnecting your Facebook channel from your Stage TEN account

1. Go to Settings (gear icon, top right) -> MANAGE DESTINATIONS.

2. Click on the Facebook logo.

3. Click on the Trash icon next to the connection you want to remove.

4. If the connection is not removed, please get in touch with support at

To learn more on how to go live on Facebook using RTMP continue to Going LIVE to Facebook via RTMP

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