Connect App & Invite Links

Using the Connect Apps to accept an Invite Link and join a Studio Session

Participants use the Connect App to open invite links they've received and join your Studio session.

On an iOS Device, you need to first download the Connect app from the App Store.

On a computer or Android device, you can open the link in a browser.

Tips for Participants Invited to Join a Livestream

Ensuring a high quality feed when joining a broadcast from the Connect app requires following the same recommendations as when using the Pro Studio.

For example, it is vital that you use a powerful computer with a stable internet connection, test how your microphone sounds, use the best camera you have access to, etc.

  1. Read and follow the Before You Go Live Checklist. All of the same principles apply to optimizing a feed from the Connect apps.

  2. Choose a good background/location, and use these Tips for Framing and Lighting your shot.

Joining a Broadcast

  1. Open the participant link the director sends you for their Studio session. These links look like (that one's just an example - yours will be unique).

  2. Enter your name, used by the director to identify you, and click Accept Invitation.

  3. Select Camera & Mic (or another source type if needed).

  4. You will be admitted into the Studio session and see the Connect app interface. The director now controls whether you appear in the livestream.

Sending an RTMP or WHIP Source

To send a game feed or other source over RTMP or WHIP, use the Connect app for Desktop, and choose the corresponding option after entering the name of the feed. You'll then see the URL and Stream Key, which you can paste into your encoder.

The Connect Interface

Once you've joined a Studio session, you will see the Connect App Interface below. These interfaces are very similar, regardless of what kind of device you are using.

Audio & Video Controls

Make changes to audio and video sources or feeds with the controls on the bottom.

  • Mute Volume: Use this to avoid echo/feedback if you and another participant are in the same room and can't use headphones (Tip: use headphones if possible!)

  • Mute Microphone: Use this to stop sending audio with your feed. The director can't unmute you, so ensure you unmute yourself when you want to talk again.

  • Enter Fullscreen: maximizes the Connect app window into fullscreen.

  • Share Screen: Capture your screen, window, or tab, and send that stream instead of your camera.

  • Source Settings: To switch between feeds and sources, click the cog wheel button at the bottom of the screen to see available options. These options are the same as explained for the Pro Studio.

  • Exit: Leave the broadcast. Your sources will be disconnected immediately, even if you're in a live scene.

  • Rotate Camera & Enable Flash: These allow you to swap between forward & rear-facing cameras, or toggle on/off the flashlight, if available. Appear only on Mobile devices.

Participant Status Indicator

This tells you what the director is doing with your feed. It changes automatically as they add you to a scene and take that scene live.

  • Standby: Your feed is in the Studio, but the director isn't using it yet.

  • On Deck: The director is using your feed in the next scene. You are about to be live.

  • Live: The audience can see and hear you.

Backstage Chat

You can privately chat with the director and your fellow participants. Backstage chat is not visible to your audience.

Click the menu button beside the Backstage Chat field to see options to Hide Chat, or Popout Chat into a separate window.

Swap Between Views

The Connect interface shows both a monitor of your feed and the livestream.

To swap which of these is the primary view, click the Swap Views button.

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