Stream to the Shop App

Shop is a digital shopping assistant app made by Shopify.

How It Works

There are two main components to the Shop app.

  • A Shop sales channel that you add to your Shopify admin

  • An app that customers install for Android and iOS

After you add the Shop sales channel to your Shopify admin, you can sell products directly to customers who have the Shop app installed on their devices.


Push Notifications to your Shop followers: Stage TEN will send a push notification to all of your followers in the Shop App. These are users who have interacted with your store, indicating their affinity for your store. This makes them a key audience that is more likely to make purchases.

Easy Checkout: The Shop app is powered by Shop Pay - Shopify's fastest accelerated checkout experience. This provides a seamless, familiar checkout experience that converts more customers.

Discovery: Shop drives rediscovery of your brand through in-app recommendations that circle customers back to your store.

Check out this article to stream to Shop, from Stage TEN: Stream to the Shop App using the Stage TEN Pro Studio

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