Streaming to Facebook via RTMP

Stream to Facebook via RTMP. Set up your Scheduled Live in Facebook Live Producer, then broadcast to it by RTMP from Stage TEN

Using RTMP -> Scheduled Facebook Live will allow you to start, stop, and restart the stream in Stage TEN, all while maintaining your live broadcast on Facebook. Facebook Live Producer also provides an auto-start feature as long as you're streaming from Stage TEN to the Facebook Live Producer at the time. RTMP streaming available with a Professional or Enterprise plan

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Make sure 'Use Stream Key' is selected then click 'Schedule a Live Video'

Step 3: Under 'Settings', choose Stream, then Deselect 'End live video if stream stops'.

Step 4: Enter stream details and click 'Schedule Live Video'

Enter a date, time, select where to share to, privacy, live video title, description, select a thumbnail and a category. If you're sharing to a page, you can turn on crossposting, share to a page's groups, and audience settings. Once complete, click Schedule Live Video.

Step 5: Copy the provided Stream URL and Stream key, which you'll need to create the RTMP destination in your STAGE TEN account.

Step 6: Open the Stage TEN Pro Studio, click setting -> MANAGE DESTINATIONS -> RTMP -> ADD and then paste in the URL and Stream Key, and give your Destination a Name and click 'SAVE'.

Step 7: This will create an RTMP destination in Stage TEN toggle this on to send your stream to Facebook

Step 8: Go back to Facebook Live Producer, and after a few seconds you'll see your stream in this 'Waiting for live video' indicator.

Once you start previewing your broadcast you have 5 hours to go live

Step 9: You can go live to Facebook in one of two ways

  • You can click Enable Manual Mode and take your stream live manually

  • If you don't enable manual mode, your stream will go live to Facebook at the scheduled time of the broadcast

Step 10: If Facebook loses your stream just restart your Stage TEN Pro Studio

Using this method, if you stop streaming for any reason (internet fails, computer runs out of power, chrome crashes) Facebook won't stop your stream and you will not lose your broadcast.

Step 11: To end the broadcast, you need to click End Live Video (and then end the RTMP stream in Stage TEN as well)

We strongly recommend you create a test Scheduled Facebook Live to test with before you schedule a real live event for your audience

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