Keys to Live Shopping Success

Tips and tricks you can use to create the ultimate live commerce experience


Do a rehearsal before your live sale event. We recommend you always plan ahead and do a dry run of your broadcast prior to going live. This will allow you to make any changes you wish to make and create a seamless experience.

Check your device & network setup. Follow our tech suggestions to ensure a high quality stream.

Look good. Sound good. Set up some lights, or move to a bright area to make sure the audience can see your content clearly. Consider using a tripod if you're going for a professional feel. Test and listen to your microphone to ensure the audience can hear your sound clearly. Check out more lighting tips.

Promote to your audience

Viewers need to know about your livestream in order to watch it.

Drive traffic to your Interactive Player. Add your Live Interactive Player to your store and promote your broadcast on social networks ahead of time to drive your audience traffic to your live sales.

Have a Promotional Plan. Have a strategy, and use your online presence to your advantage before, during, and after your show to implement a Promotional Plan.

Interact and be authentic

Create an Intimate Feel. Stay close to the camera, and look directly at the lens. Create a connection with your viewers, and be yourself.

Interact with your audience. Be personable, answer audience questions over video or in the chat. Get real-time updates on who purchased your products and thank them with personal shout-outs.

Do something compelling. Offer an exclusive product or limited time discount, share some backstory about your product, or teach us something new. Do more than simply talking about your product - offer more than "reading the label" - it's just not that interesting to watch.

Tip: Be mindful of mirroring. If you use the front facing camera on a phone while broadcasting, remember that it is mirroring your image. If you’re showing something with writing or text, we recommend using the rear camera instead to display your product properly.

Try a live shopping show format

Use a Sale to display products on your Interactive Player, and try show formats like:

  • The Merch Drop: Use the Pro Studio to Hide a product before your show. Build up some hype, then un-hide the product and mark it as Featured to surprise your fans.

  • Product Showcase: go through a whole collection of products one-by-one. Compare and contrast, and tell us why we'd want one product over another. Or do a deep-dive on your best selling product.

  • Take Requests: Edit your sale during your show (or have a teammate help). Show your audience that you're responsive to their requests so they see the product they tell you they want, or change products if one sells out.

  • Give a Tour: Walk your viewers through your space store and giving them a personalized shopping experience. Stream from the camera on your phone with the Connect app and invite links.

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