Make Shopify Products Available on Stage TEN

Shopify allows you to limit which products are sold on your Sales channels. In order to sell products on Stage TEN, you need to ensure your products are Available on the Stage TEN sales channel.

By default, your products are available for sale on Stage TEN. However, if you have previously modified availability settings in Shopify, this article can help resolve issues with selling products in Stage TEN.

Products that aren't available to Stage TEN will not be displayed in search results when configuring your Sale. If none of your products have been made available, you will see this message:

Making Products Available to Stage TEN

Step 1: Find your product in Shopify

Open your Shopify store and click on Products. Then click on a product you would like available in your Stage TEN Studio.

Step 2: Manage sales channels

Look for the Publishing section within the product page, click Manage, then click Manage sales channels.

Step 3: Add product to sales channels

Check the boxes:

  • Stage TEN: allows purchasing through the Interactive Player on the web.

  • Shop: allows purchasing through the Shop App.

Then click Done.

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