Interactive Player & Embeds

Your ultra-low latency player can be embedded on any website, Shopify storefront, or the Shop app. Viewers can shop and vote without ever leaving the live video, and interact with you in real-time.

Viewer Interactions

The Interactive Player is the best place to watch a Stage TEN livestream or Interactive Replay.

Viewers watching on your Interactive Player get a more immersive experience than if they were watching on a multistreaming destination. Their chat messages can be shared in the stream, they can participate in polls, and they can make purchases from your Live Shopping shelf without leaving the stream.


In addition to chatting, viewers can react to comments in the Stage TEN Interactive Player's live chat by clicking the reaction button to the right of the message, then selecting which emoji they would like to react with.

Reactions are visible for all viewers on the Interactive Player, and in the Companion.


When you enable Live Shopping for your stream, viewers will see your products in the Interactive Player. They can browse, add to their cart, and complete a checkout without leaving the stream.

Read more about Live Shopping in Sell Products in Streams.


You can keep your audience engaged, let them control what you'll do in your stream, or provide feedback on products by using Voting.

Read more about Interactive Voting in Poll Viewers with Interactive Voting.

Streaming to your Interactive Player

In the Pro Studio, build a scene and take it live. Look for Stage TEN Interactive Player under Live Destinations, and toggle it on.

You are now live .

Where is my Interactive Player?

At a minimum, your interactive player can always be found on your Channel Page. To open this, click the Destination Link button (square with arrow) in the destinations.

Interactive Player vs Channel Page - What's the Difference?

Your Interactive Player is displayed on your Channel page, along with a couple other elements such as your channel title, and a share button. When you embed your player on a website, only the Interactive Player portion is included.

Your player can also be found anywhere you've embedded it such as your Shopify store, website, or the Shop app.

When you toggle on the Interactive Player destination, your stream appears in all of these places at once. You do not control them individually.

Embedding & Posting your Interactive Player

The steps for embedding your Interactive Player on other sites are described in the articles below.

Customizing your Interactive Player & Channel Page

In the Pro Studio, go to Settings > Manage Destinations, then click on the Stage TEN icon.

Here there are two tabs. General settings are found under Overview, and chat settings are under Chat.

Overview/General Settings

  1. Broadcast Title & Description: Displayed on the Channel Page and used as the title/description for Interactive Replays. Not displayed in the Interactive Player embeds at this time.

  2. Embed Code: Paste this on a website to display the Interactive Player there. See more details.

  3. Enable Live Captions: Generate subtitles of speech in your livestreams automatically. Viewers can show/hide these as they wish.

Chat Settings & Automatic Moderation

  1. Show Chat Panel: Show/hide the chat panel completely in the Interactive Player.

  2. Use Default Profanity Filter: Block messages that contain one of the words in this list. A link to download the list of words blocked by default has been provided. They include curse words, ethnophaulisms, and other negative words, as well as common misspellings.

  3. Custom Banned Words: Any additional words you want to be caught by the filter. Messages containing one of these words will be blocked.

Chat Moderation

In addition to the automatic message blocking described above, you can moderate chat with the Companion or by logging into the Interactive Player.


Check out how our partners embedded the player on their owned-and-operated sites:

Dee Ocleppo invited the audience into her home for an interactive experience all on her website

The hour-long Wild'N Out special took fans to a custom page where they could vote in real-time, send lyrical suggestions, choose games for participants to play and buy exclusive merch.

Featured on a dedicated website we created, Romeo Hunte welcomed his followers into his Brooklyn studio to weigh in on various looks and to shop his latest collection.

Elizabeth Hilfiger showcased her brand Foo and Foo's latest collection with interactive programming where the audience voted for who wore it best, embedded directly on her website.

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