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Selecting a Vertical Broadcast Resolution

The Stage TEN Pro Studio now allows you to broadcast using vertical (9:16) resolutions. The two resolutions supported as part of this beta are:

  • HD 720x1280

  • FHD 1080x1920

To select a vertical broadcast resolution, click on the Gear icon below the Live Monitor and select one of the two 9:16 resolutions available:

Selecting Vertical Layouts

You can find vertical layouts in the same place as horizontal layouts: Gear Icon > Settings > Layouts. They are positioned at the end of the layouts list. Similar to horizontal layouts, you can select which vertical layouts you would like to use. When you set your broadcast resolution to a vertical format, only vertical layouts will show up in the Scene Builder.

Assets Sizes

Lower Third assets should be:

  • 720x320 (for HD 720x1080 resolution)

  • 1080x420 (for FHD 1080x1920 resolution)

Note: These sizes may change for the official release.

Known Issues

  1. Text Overlay Builder

    1. The example backgrounds become stretched when using vertical resolution. The positioning and size of the overlay may not be final.

  2. Shopify Commerce

    1. The positioning and size of the product overlay are non-ideal.

    2. The public shoutout overlay will not appear, even when enabled.

  3. Voting

    1. The style of the results can be adjusted to work with vertical resolution, but the font size may appear too large.

  4. Stage TEN Chat

    1. When a Stage TEN chat message is placed into the Lower Third overlay slot, the positioning and size of the comment overlay are non-ideal.

  5. Participants and local cameras will be added using vertical resolutions if supported by the associated camera. Not all cameras support vertical mode which may cause unexpected aspect ratios.

    1. Hint: Ensure you have set the resolution for your broadcast before add a local camera or inviting participants to join.

  6. Not all 3rd party destinations fully support vertical resolutions. We recommend testing with your planned destinations prior to going live.

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