Quick Start

Just want to see yourself live? Follow these steps to go live in seconds.

Let's start by going live on your Stage TEN Interactive Player.

Use the Pro Studio to create a Livestream

  1. From the Dashboard, click Create a Livestream to enter the Pro Studio. Select your Camera and Mic as your source (you can also change or add sources later).

Next we will drag-and-drop elements into the Scene Builder to build a "scene".

  1. Drag your local feed into the middle of the Scene Builder. It is the large central box with layouts across the top. A basic one-feed layout is selected by default, but you can try others if you want to add guests or play videos in your stream.

  1. Click the pink Switch Scenes -> Button to move your Scene from the Scene Builder to the Live Monitor.

Each time you want to change the scene, repeat steps 2 and 3 - drag elements in to form a new scene, then click the pink button to take your scene live. Your old scene remains live while you prepare the next one.

  1. You've created a scene and put it into your stream, but so far that stream isn't actually going anywhere. Toggle on a destination to broadcast LIVE to that connected destination. Toggle on the destination called Stage TEN Interactive Player and click the arrow button to watch yourself live on your Stage TEN channel.

Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting.

What's Next?

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