6. View & Publish Past Streams

Make your content live forever and keep the revenue flowing.

Once your livestream is over, return to the Stage TEN Dashboard and open the Past streams page. Here you'll find a list of all your past shows.

Viewing Stream Details

Click on View Details for a stream, and you will see a page where you can:

  • Download a copy of the video or audio recording

  • View Analytics to understand your audience & their behaviour during the live broadcast.

  • Edit the title and description of your livestream

Publishing to the Shop App

If you have a Shopify store connected and the Shop app enabled, you can also click Publish. This will add the stream to your Shop Store, allowing viewers to watch even if they missed you in realtime.

Posting past streams on the Shop app can also help your customers see that you go live regularly - for example every week - and this can be a great tool for helping drive traffic to your next livestream.

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