Tips to Successfully Promote your Stream on Socials

Promotional tips to help encourage your audience to watch live on your site and on Shop app.

Post on social about your stream so your followers know it's going to happen. Include the following:

  • Let your audience know when/where to tune into the livestream.

  • If there’s an incentive, include it! Incentives have been proven to drive more viewership, engagement and sales.

  • Encourage your audience to follow you on the Shop app so they're instantly notified when you're live.

  • Tag so we can repost your announcements

Find more tips on creating your promo plan here!

Promote on Instagram

Stories: 9:16 ratio, 1080px by 1920px In-Feed: 4:5 ratio, 1080px by 1350px

Share Instagram stories at least 3 days prior to event and day of event

Use the 'Countdown' sticker so your audience can be notified when the live event starts:

  1. Click on countdown sticker

  2. Add countdown/event name

  3. Add event date/time

The day of the event, use the ‘Link’ sticker so followers know where to engage with the livestream:

  1. Click on link sticker

  2. Add link to the live site destination

  3. Customize sticker text with a CTA such as “Join us LIVE now”

Share an in-feed promo at least 1 week prior to event

Add a 'Reminder' to the post so your audience is notified when the live event starts:

  1. Click Add Reminder

  2. Add Reminder/event name

  3. Add a start time (be mindful of your default timezone)

  4. Add an end time (optional)

Tip: Update your link in bio to the live destination URL so your audience can easily find where to engage with you. And make sure to tag so we can reshare your promo content to our audiences!

Promote on TikTok

Stories/video: 9:16 ratio, 1080px by 1920px

Share TikTok stories at least 3 days prior to event and day of event

Drive your audience to your link in bio (must be on a business profile with over 1K followers) to engage with the stream.

Share a TikTok video at least 1 week prior to event

Make sure the video content and caption details when/where your audience can tune into the livestream. Don't forget the incentive - why should they join live?

Promote on Facebook

Event cover: 16:9 ratio, 1920px by 1080px

Cross-promote Instagram posts to Facebook

You can share your Instagram stories and in-feed post/reel directly to your Facebook audience. Make sure you have your Facebook page connected to your Instagram account before doing so!

Share Instagram posts to Facebook:

  1. Before sharing your post, tap the toggle next to Share to Facebook

Share Instagram stories to Facebook:

  1. Below Your Story, tap Sharing options

  2. Select Share to Facebook every time or Share Once

Create a FB event

This is a great way to capture RSVPs and see who will be tuning into your show, especially for a special tent pole!

  1. Click + Create New Event, then enter event details like the event name and start date and time

  2. Click Is it in person or virtual?, then select Virtual

  3. Select External Link when choosing the type of virtual event

  4. Click Who can see it? to select your privacy setting

  5. Add more event details such the live destination URL, guests/hosts, incentives, etc.

Promote on YouTube

Trailer: 16:9 ratio, max 3840px by 2160px

Shorts: 9:16 ratio, 1080px by 1920px, max 60s

Thumbnail: 16:9 ratio, 1280px by 720px

Upload a YouTube Short

Similar to Instagram stories, YouTube shorts can help amplify your live show to your YouTube subscribers.

  1. In your YouTube Studio, click Create then Upload video in the top right corner

  2. Select a short video (up to 60s) with a square or vertical aspect ratio

  3. Include #Shorts in the title or description to help recommend it across YouTube

Take advantage of Community posts

Community posts allow you to interact with your audience using rich media (polls, quizzes, GIFs, text, images, and video). They show on the Community tab, and may show on Home or the Subscriptions feed.

  • Click the Community Tab on your channel, and encourage your audience to join you for your live show. For the Community Tab to be available, you must enable access to advanced features on your channel.

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