Play Videos in your Stream

Loop or auto-switch your graphics and pre-recorded videos so you can focus on your guests. Incorporating videos into your live broadcast is easy with Stage TEN.

Playing a Video

  1. Drag a video from your media library into the Scene Builder. It will start to play for you, but the audience can't see it yet.

  2. Click the the Switch Scenes -> Button to take that scene live. Your video will begin to play (from the beginning) in the broadcast.

End of Video Transitions

After the scene with your video is live, you'll see a countdown and the following options appear below The Switch Scenes -> Button. These determine what the studio will do when the video ends.

  • Loop: If selected, your video will replay playing from the beginning when it ends.

    • Use this for title cards and end cards.

  • Auto Switch: If selected, the scene in the Scene Builder will be taken live automatically when the currently-live video ends.

Tip: Achieve a smoothly looping video by editing them so the first and last frames look nearly identical.


  • If you have more than one video in your scene, the timer will reflect the shortest of the two videos.

  • The first time you take your scene live, the option will default to Loop. From there however, if you make a Loop/Auto Switch selection, that will be the default going forward.

  • At this time, Stage TEN does not allow you to pause / rewind / fast forward the video.

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