Streaming to LinkedIn

How to Livestream to LinkedIn with RTMP & Stream Key

Before streaming to LinkedIn, you must become a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster. To do this you will need to meet the LinkedIn Live requirements.

Connecting LinkedIn to the Stage TEN and Going LIVE

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account.

  1. Choose to Go live now, or pick a date and time for your Broadcast and Schedule for later.

Tip: you can only go live 15 min early and up to 2 hours after your scheduled time.

  1. Click the drop down to select the LinkedIn destination you want to use, then click Save.

    • Stage TEN supports broadcasting to LinkedIn Profiles or Pages.

  1. Click the Visibility drop down to select who can see your LinkedIn post then click "Save".

  1. Enter a Title for your stream.

  1. Pick the Region nearest you, and then click Get URL.

    • Your stream will be sent to a LinkedIn server in this region. Selecting the closest region will usually result in the best broadcast quality.

  1. Find and copy your Stream URL and Stream Key. Leave this window open.

Important: you need to leave this window open until you go LIVE. If you leave this page (by closing this tab/window), your Stream URL and Key will expire and need to be re-generated.

  1. In another window, enter the Stage TEN Studio Pro Studio.

  2. Go to Settings -> Destinations -> LinkedIn Logo. Click Add.

  1. Enter a Name for your destination, and paste the RTMP Server URL and Stream Key into the appropriate fields. Click Save.

This will add the LinkedIn page or profile to your Live Destinations.

  1. Toggle on the LinkedIn destination to send your stream to LinkedIn. This will send your stream to LinkedIn, but it won't go LIVE on LinkedIn yet.

  1. Finally, return to the LinkedIn window, and confirm that you see your stream. Click Go live. You are now live.

Updating your LinkedIn Connection

Your Stream URL and Stream Key will change each time you stream on LinkedIn, follow these steps to update your connection.

  1. While setting up your Stream on LinkedIn, select a Region and click Get URL.

Reminder: You need to leave this window open until you go live. If you leave this page, your Stream URL and Key will need to be generated again.

  1. Enter the new Server URL and Stream Key from LinkedIn and click Save. You can also update the name of your connection.

  1. Your connection will now be up to date and you can toggle it to send your feed to LinkedIn.

Follow from Step 11 in the previous section to go LIVE on LinkedIn

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