Framing & lighting tips

Ensure you always look your best on every live stream. Here are some tips for better lighting and proper framing for streaming, for all!

Find your light

If you don't have a camera-ready light kit, try using natural window light. Make sure you're facing the window so the light falls on your face and you're not backlit.

Think about your Backdrop

If you're on a laptop, think about moving somewhere with a clean background that's well lit. If you're on a desktop, think about sitting by a wall or creating your own DIY backdrop.

Camera at Eye Level

If you're using a webcam or laptop, make sure to angle it at eye-level for the best framing. You can stack your computer on some books or other items around your desk. If you have a tripod for your webcam or camera, even better!

Make Eye Contact

Look directly into the camera when participating in the broadcast to create a feeling of connection with your viewers.

Don't Forget about the Internet Connection

We can't stress enough how important internet connection is for the quality of your picture. So if you can plug your computer directly into an ethernet cord, it would be ideal!

Get a long enough ethernet cable to reach the position of your camera. If this isn't possible, test to see which results in a better picture quality by going live ahead of time and checking the end result in the Interactive Player.

Don't rely on the preview you see in the Studio or Connect app to assess picture quality - these don't account for any quality loss incurred due to a poor connection.

Instead, look at the Interactive Player, which is a true representation of what your viewers will see.

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