2. Connect Shopify

Sell products in your live stream and embed an Interactive Player on your Storefront and the SHOP app.

Connect your Shopify Store to Stage TEN

There are two ways to connect your Shopify and Stage TEN accounts to each other.

Sell products in your stream

To sell products, you create and activate a Sale.

  1. In the Pro Studio, open the Shopify panel.

  2. Create a Sale and give it a name (or choose a Sale you have previously created).

  3. Choose products to display to viewers.

  4. Optional: add a discount to your sale. Enter one of your discount codes (configured in Shopify), and it will be applied to viewer's carts automatically when they check out.

  5. Save the Sale.

Display your interactive player on your Shopify storefront

To go live on your Storefront, you need to add an Interactive Player to one (or more) of the pages in your theme.

There are a couple options for how you can do this.

  • Option 1 (Recommended): Add the Live Player app block to an existing page in your theme

    • Best if you want to add an Interactive Player to an existing page, such as to show your livestream on your Storefront's homepage.

    • In Shopify, go to Storefront > Theme > Customize. Add the Live Player app block to the template for a page. See here for full instructions.

  • Option 2: Add the default Stage TEN page to your Navigation

    • Useful to get started with a dedicated page for your livestream and direct customers/viewers to watch you there.

    • Page can be found at <your-store-url.com>/pages/live

    • Tip: This page is generated for you when you install the Stage TEN sales channel

  • Option 3: Copy the Embed Code and paste it as HTML on your Storefront (or any website).

    • This gives you maximum control over the appearance of your Interactive Player, but requires a bit of coding. See here for instructions.

Display your interactive player in the Shop App

In addition to your Storefront on the web, your store can also be found in Shopify's Shop App, which has millions of users (who are all potential viewers for your stream!).

In order to display your Interactive Player in the Shop App, you need to add a Stage TEN Card to your Shop Store using the Studio. While you are live, a viewer can tap this card to open your stream. When you aren't live, the card will invite users to be notified when you go live next.

  1. In the Studio, open the Shopify panel, and click on Enable SHOP (or Configure SHOP).

  2. Upload cover images for this card, and provide a title for your stream.

    • If you know when you are going to go live, add that date and time.

Reach Customers with Shop App Push Notifications

This feature sends a push notification to Shop app users who have Favorited your Store or enabled the Reminder feature on the Stage TEN Card.

If this setting is enabled when you start your stream, these users will receive a push notification from the Shop app telling them you are live.

For more details on configuring the Shop App, see Add Stage TEN to your Shop Store.

Publish Interactive Replays to the Shop App

You can publish interactive recordings of past livestreams to the Shop app. These enhanced recordings provide a simulated live experience for viewers watching later by replaying chat and interactive events you triggered during your stream.

Learn more about publishing Interactive Replays.

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