Studio Basics

Available on desktop browsers. Chrome is Recommended.

To go live from the Pro Studio, you need to create a scene, move it to the live monitor, and enable a destination where you want to go live.

Going Live

  1. From the Dashboard, click Create a Livestream to enter the Pro Studio. Select your Camera and Mic as your source.

  2. Drag your local feed into the middle of the Scene Builder. It is the large central box with layouts across the top.

  1. Click the Switch Scenes -> Button to move your Scene from the Scene Builder to the Live Monitor.

  1. Toggle on a destination to broadcast LIVE to that connected destination! Your channel is connected to your Stage TEN Interactive Player, and you can connect Stage TEN to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, the SHOP app, and more, if desired.

You are now LIVE on your connected destination! Click the link (arrow) button on the destination to view your stream on that destination.

Ensure that you do not completely obscure the STAGE TEN studio when you are broadcasting.

What is the Audience Seeing?

The LIVE MONITOR is in the upper right of the Stage TEN studio that allows you to see what is being broadcasted.

What is the Audience Hearing?

Generally, you hear what the audience hears - that is, you hear what is in the Live Monitor.

However, since you can create a scene before taking it live, you may want to listen to a preview of that scene you are building instead of the Live Monitor.

The audio monitor toggle is used to control which audio (The SCENE BUILDER or LIVE MONITOR) you (as the director) listen to. This does NOT affect what the audience hears.

Tip: Before you go live, the audio monitor toggle is set to The SCENE BUILDER, but once you go live, the default changes to LIVE MONITOR automatically.

Creating a Recording

You can create a recording without actually going live to a social platform. Instead of toggling on any of your Live Destinations, simply toggle the Record Your Broadcast option in Live Destinations.

Accessing Recordings

Once you've finished you can access the recording to view or download it as a 'Live to Tape' broadcast.

From the Pro Studio, click the Settings (⛭) button, then Recordings. Or, if you're on the Dashboard, click Past Streams. For more info about recordings, see Recordings.

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