Poll Viewers with Interactive Voting

Keep your viewers engaged in conversation by asking questions, or get feedback on your products.

Take a Poll in your stream

  1. Click the Voting icon in the Stage TEN Pro Studio. You will see the questions you have created.

Tip: Voting Questions are saved between Studio sessions so you can set these up in advance.

  1. You can add as many questions as you like. Click Add a Question, or click the Pencil button to edit a question.

    • Select the allow unlimited votes per viewer checkbox to give viewers unlimited votes, or leave it unchecked to limit viewers to one vote per question.

    • Add up to four Answers.

  2. Click Save Changes.

  1. Toggle on your question. Viewers can now vote on the Stage TEN Interactive Player.

  1. During and after the vote, you can see the results in Voting panel. Click the disclosure triangle next to the question. Viewers can't see the results unless you show them with the Question overlay.

Discard/Reset Voting Results

  1. To reset a single question, use the reset button on that question.

  2. To reset all results, click Reset Votes above the list of questions.

    • Results will also be discarded if you exit the studio.

Show voting results with the Question Overlay

You can share the results of a vote with your audiences during or after the vote. You show results for one question at a time.

  1. Drag the Question to a Full Screen Overlay slot to add it in the scene builder.

2. Click the pink Switch Scene -> Button to move this scene to the Live Monitor.

Tip: Allow unlimited votes and display the Question Overlay during the vote. This encourages viewers to "button-mash" for their favorite answer, and increases engagement.

Styling the Question Overlay

A default style has been applied, but you can customize the look, size and colour of your Question Overlay.

Styling is divided into different sections that will edit different aspects of the Voting Results. To get started, click the paint roller on the right side of the question.

Style Properties

This section can be used to make edits to the position and size of the entire Voting Results

X: Determines the horizontal position of the Voting Results

Y: Determines the vertical position of the Voting Results

W: Determines the width of the Voting Results

Applying customization to all polls

You can apply a style to all the polls in your studio simultaneously to save time.

  1. Create all the questions you want to apply the style to.

  2. Click the paint roller icon on the right side of the question you have styled.

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots at the bottom left of the customization menu

  1. Click Save and Apply to All.

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