Stage TEN records your livestreams in the cloud. You can download recordings or publish Interactive Replays from the Past Streams page in the dashboard.

Types of Stage TEN Recordings

There are two different types of "recordings" available with Stage TEN.

1. Recording

This is a simple video file, capturing the audio/video that you streamed.

You can access and download this recording of your show from the dashboard.

2. Interactive Replay

Also called a Shoppable Video, this plays the same video as the recording, but in a full Interactive Player that mimics the live viewer experience.

Viewers can shop all the products that were available during the livestream, and moments when products were featured or hidden/revealed are recorded, saved, and replayed. The live chat from the past livestream is also recorded and saved for viewers to re-watch.

You can publish an Interactive Replay to the Shop app, or copy an Embed code to post it online.

How to Download Stage TEN Recordings

  1. To access your recordings, head to the Stage TEN Dashboard.

  2. In the menu on the left, select Past Streams. Here you can access all of your past shows.

  3. Select the three dots and click Download.

    • You can also use the Download button on the stream details page.

  4. Choose from the available Download settings.

    • Original: This is an unprocessed recording of your broadcast. It may have variable resolutions, which sometimes causes problems in some video players. Recommended for editing.

    • 720p/1080p: This is a processed version of the original recording, with a constant 720p/1080p resolution. This makes playback more reliable, but can appear as slightly lower quality. Recommended for distribution/playback.

    • Audio-only: An mp3 file of the mixed audio from your stream.

  5. Click Download.

How to Publish Interactive Replays

  1. Navigate to the Past Streams page in the dashboard.

  2. Find the stream you want, then click View Details.

  3. If you haven't used the Interactive Replay for this stream yet, click Generate to create it. This will likely take a few minutes, (typically about 40% of the duration of the stream).

  1. Under Interactive Replay, click Manage. This shows a preview of the Interactive Replay, and tabs for embedding and publishing it.

    • Under the Embed tab, click Copy code to copy a code snippet. Use this embed code to place this recording on a website of your choice.

    • Under the Publish tab, click Publish to add this Interactive Replay to your Shop Store in the Shop app.

Embedded recordings remain watchable even if your recording isn't published to the Shop app.

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