Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

An RTC102 error typically occurs because of inconsistent internet connection or, you're in an environment that has a firewall - Steps to resolve an RTC102 error

An RTC102 error typically occurs for one of two reasons:

  • Your internet connection is inconsistent

  • You're in an environment that has a firewall (like an office or school)

Resolving internet issues:

An inconsistent internet connection can cause interruptions in your video stream. The first thing to do is try connecting your computer to ethernet rather than WiFi. Ethernet is always preferred for achieving a consistent connection.

You can also check your internet speed against our recommended internet specifications to see if your internet is fast enough to create a broadcast.

Resolving firewall issues:

Check our recommended Network Settings for information about resolving firewall issues.

How to check your connection:

If you're not behind a firewall, the next step is to run a test using the WebRTC Troubleshooter. To run this test:

1. Click the link above, and then press START

2. Once the test completes, click the 'bug' icon to save the results (see below)

3. Send us the resulting report for analysis at

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