Fixing Crackly or Noisy Audio

Audio settings that are too 'hot' can lead to poor audio quality in your broadcast, and failure to initialize your destinations

Stage TEN runs in your browser, but your computer is doing a lot behind the scenes to create a quality broadcast. This article explains how to check that your computer's audio settings are set.

Tip: If your audio settings are above 48KHz, you may experience audio 'crackling' or 'popping' during your broadcast, and/or your destinations may never initialize.

Here's how you check your audio settings:

Checking Your PC Audio Settings

  1. Open your 'Control Panel' -> 'Hardware and Sound' -> 'Sound' -> 'Manage Audio Devices'

  1. Select each playback device -> click properties -> and then choose 'Advanced'

  1. If ANY of your playback devices have a higher than 48000 Hz setting, you need to change the setting to 48000 Hz, and then hit apply.

  2. Refresh the Stage TEN Studio.

If this does not resolve your issue, please get in touch with Stage TEN support.

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