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Add Videos & Images to Your Media Library

How to add videos, images, and overlays to the Media Library

Add Assets to Customize your Broadcast

1. Click the
button to add assets.
  • You can add multiple assets at once using the Shift key when selecting the files to upload
  • Adding files to the Media Library makes them available immediately, which means you can add assets on the fly during your broadcast
  • You can add videos, images, overlays, and MP3 files

How to use Assets and the Media Library

Assets (videos and images), like feeds, can be dragged to the Scene Builder to create new scenes.
  • Overlays can be dragged to a full screen overlay bar to add on top of your scenes - see here
  • Audio assets, such as MP3 files, can be dragged to a slot in the Audio-only bar to add music to your broadcasts
  • Assets can be previewed by clicking the 'eye' icon before they're taken live
  • Assets can be filtered using the icons at the top of the library to quickly find what you're looking for
  • Asset audio levels can be controlled by the audio slider

Asset Specifications

Information on image and video sizing, as well as recommended encoding settings can be found in the following article: